You would be surprised to see the garden dirt, soap scum, grease, skin cells, and even little hairs that will collect in crevasses of jewelry, and pack themselves into the pockets beneath gemstones, and can even begin to cause a rash on the skin, unless the owner enlists a regular professional cleaning from a trusted jeweler like Allen’s Jewelers.

Your jewelry must be clean to be truly beautiful.

It’s easy to see why a regular professional jewelry cleaning is a good idea. Not only will a regular professional cleaning keep your jewelry looking its best, but during that cleaning, be assured that one of our trained professionals makes a thorough inspection of your jewelry to assure the earliest possible detection of wear or damage. We recommend our professional cleanings be accomplished on at least an annual basis, and more often if your jewelry is worn on a more frequent than occasional basis.

Come and visit the professionals at our Allen’s Jewelers showroom to your treasures expertly cleaned and inspected, for peace of mind.