Allen’s Jewelers Appraiser’s are skilled professionals, with expertise in both the subject matter of the piece being appraised, thorough training in jewelry and time piece evaluation, and experience with the market place for the item being appraised.

Allen’s Jewelers internationally accredited appraiser is an expert, skilled professional.  Our appraiser is a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) as well as being FGA and GG accredited.  Our appraiser’s skilled professional opinion of the value of your item, for a particular market, and on a particular date is accepted by insurance companies here in the United States, as well as Europe.

All jewelry appraisal’s by Allen’s Jewelers are provided in document format, describing in detail all of the qualitative and quantitative attributes that were used by our Appraiser to arrive at their value conclusion of that specific piece, complete with colored photographs.

Whether for your own piece of mind, or for establishing value for insurance purposes, please visit Allen’s Jewelers for a professional appraisal of your jewelry, watches and time peace, in our Jacksonville, Florida showroom.