Eye Catching and Classy Sterling Silver Jewelry

Allen’s Jewelers offers a dazzling variety of expertly crafted Sterling Silver jewelry.

In captivating shapes and styles, with and without sparkling gemstones, we feel sure that our Allen’s Jewelers Team will be able to show you the Sterling Silver jewelry that you have our heart set on.

Today most Sterling Silver jewelry is treated or plated in a variety of ways to prevent oxidation or discoloration. But, if you notice your silver turning black over time, never fear!  Allen’s Jewelers can recommend some excellent Silver jewelry cleaner to safely restore your Sterling Silver treasure, or we can expertly clean and polish your Silver jewelry for you.  Just ask a member of our Allen’s Jewelers Team.

Visit our Jacksonville showroom on Atlantic Boulevard to review and choose from our vast selection of

  • Sterling Silver Earrings
  • Sterling Silver Pendants
  • Sterling Silver Necklaces
  • Sterling Silver Bracelets
  • Sterling Silver Dress Rings

If you would like to get the full experience of Allen's Jewelers, contact us to schedule a tour of our studio gallery and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates on the new and unique items we feature.