Elegant Cultured Pearl Jewelry that Leaves a Remarkable Impression

Nearly all pearls sold today are cultured pearls, which are categorized as freshwater cultured pearls or saltwater cultured pearls.

To create a cultured pearl, a pearl farmer introduces a shell bead into an oyster or mussel and then the mollusk deposits layers of nacre around the bead, to become a cultured pearl.

Allen’s Jewelers has a wide selection of pearls, from freshwater Cultured Pearls to more exotic Cultured Pearls like – Japanese Akoya, South Sea, and Black Tahitian.  Come visit our showroom, and allow a member of our Allen’s Jewelers Team to help you find the Pearl jewelry that you’ve been looking for.

Our Team can show you pearls which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Come visit our showroom to see Allen’s Jewelers impressive selection or South Sea’s cultured Pearl Jewelry:

  • Cultured Pearl Rings
  • Cultured Pearl Necklaces
  • Cultured Pearl Earrings
  • Cultured Pearl Bracelets
  • Cultured Pearl Pendants

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