Dazzling Colored Gemstones of All Shades and Sizes

Whether you are looking for colored gemstone rings, colored gemstone necklaces, or colored gemstone earrings, or another beautiful piece of jewelry, our Allen’s Jewelry Team can help you find what you are looking for, and at a price that’s right.

Our jewelry with colored gemstones is among the most popular forms of jewelry styles, incorporating many beautiful gemstones found in locations all across the world. Colored gemstones provide a great variety of color and style combinations.  One reason gemstone jewelry is a favorite of men and women is that this jewelry combines personal decoration with fashion, creating a variety of individual and interesting pieces. Jewelry like colored gemstone earrings, necklaces and bracelets are initially appreciated for their attractive looks, but many people believe that gemstone jewelry offers therapeutic, even healing effects, so that some people shop for gemstone jewelry to improve their health, as well as to please the eye.

The creation of colored gemstone jewelry can be found in writing, paintings, and sculpture dating back thousands of years, including ancient stories found in the Bible and other historical documentation.  And, if you enjoy myths and folklore, there are many stories associated with gemstones.

While you are looking through our selections of jewelry with colored gemstones, the distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones is fairly easy to understand. Beginning with the ancient Greeks, we have found that the traditional distinction between precious and semi-precious gemstones has been based on the rarity of the gemstone; diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald are considered precious, while all other gemstones are considered semi-precious. Whereas this system of categorizing gemstones is now considered overly simplistic (and it only reflects the rarity of the respective stones in ancient times) use of the terms ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious’ for colored gemstone jewelry will largely affect the price of any purchase.

Our trained and experienced Allen’s Jewelers Team looks forward to helping you find the colored gemstone jewelry of your interest when you visit our showroom.

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