Custom Wedding Ring Design

Dennis Marshall, Master Jeweler

May 15, 2015 : Posted in Custom Jewelry

An Interview with Dennis Marshall

Master Jeweler & Owner of Allen’s Jewelers

Custom Wedding Ring Design

What are some popular trends in custom jewelry design?

Some popular trends in custom jewelry design are actually a very traditional look, such as filigree or beaded edges. White gold and platinum are also very popular, as well as accent stones on the sides. For center stones, Halo stones around the center as well as Princess and Round are two of the most popular cuts today.

What are three main things to know about custom jewelry design?

The first thing to know about custom jewelry design is it is a fun and easy process. You can also stick to your budget by using any colored stones or diamonds you may already have. You can also use gold from old pieces as a credit against the new piece you are making. The person receiving it will really cherish it for all the thought that went into making it and also the uniqueness of the piece.

Is the custom jewelry design process expensive?

The custom jewelry design process is really not expensive. If you are shopping around and comparing rings, and then you have a thought about another ring design, a lot of times, the ring you’re thinking of in your head can be designed at close to the same price as the one in a case. Of course, if there is a lot of small detail, it could cost a little bit more to do. But, in general a custom piece is going to be about the same price as a ring you see in a jewelry case.

What should we consider when planning to design our own wedding rings?

When you are designing your own custom jewelry for your wedding, the first thing to consider is the metal you want to use. Whether it be yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or one of the alternative metals. Second, would be your budget. Everybody has a budget they want to stay within. The third would be the style and whether you are looking for something traditional or more modern. You also want to consider the shape of the diamonds, or other stones, whether you want to be traditional and choose baguettes or Emerald cut, or go with something more modern like Princess cut or Round.

Can an heirloom jewelry piece be updated to modern styles?

And heirloom jewelry piece can be updated to a more modern design in a couple of different ways. You can take that piece and add some things to it to change the look and feel a little bit. Sometimes, rings that have been inherited to use as an engagement ring can be updated with a custom wedding ring for one side or both sides.

What is the process for custom jewelry design?

The general process for custom jewelry design would be to first have a meeting with the designer to come up with the ideas. Second, you find out what design direction you really want to go. Third, the design is created using a computer program so it can be approved and make any changes that are necessary from there. The design goes to the casting house where the rough casting is made. It then gets sent back to the designer where we do the finishing work and the setting of the stones. The whole process is about 4 to 6 weeks.

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